Did you know the God of Israel wrote a prayer of blessing thousands of years ago that was meant for you today?

It’s true.

In 1979, a small silver amulet was discovered at an archaeological site opposite the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It was inscribed with the oldest surviving reference to the Ancient Hebrew Bible.

The inscription is the only prayer written by the God of Israel Himself. It is the Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing contained in the Book of Numbers. This blessing promises supernatural favor, prosperity, protection, healing, better relationships, blessings, miracles and so much more!

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Katherine Ruonala

As I read this book, I became overwhelmed by the rich revelation relating to the Hebrew meaning of the words in this priestly blessing. The blessing in Numbers 6 has been very significant in my life but reading this powerful book has given me fresh revelation of the Father’s extravagant love and care for us. After I finished reading this book I was compelled to kneel, pray, worship and take time to apply what I had read and received, thanking God for his blessing and kindness. I pray that this book will take you into deeper fellowship with the FATHER and provoke you to worship, just as it has done for me.

Author, Senior Leader
Glory City Church Brisbane and the Glory City Network


Pat Robertson

Many books have been written on how to obtain an intimate relationship with Jesus through the born again experience. Other books have been published sharing how to enter into a powerful relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Warren Marcus, a Jewish believer in Jesus as his Messiah and Lord, has been given new insight on how to enter into a supernatural, experiential and intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father. He has been given the keys to unlock the power behind the only prayer written by God Himself in the entire Bible, “The Aaronic Blessing.” He uncovers the fullness of meaning conveyed from the original Hebrew and shares how to pronounce this prayer over yourself and others in the manner God Himself intended.  I highly suggest you read this powerful book. 

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Dr. Kynan Bridges

If you desire to experience the Fatherhood of God in a fresh and powerful way, this book is for you.  Warren has revealed ancient secrets that will usher the church into the Shekinah glory of God.  As you read each page, open your heart to receive supernatural downloads directly from God’s heart to yours.  You will discover the true meaning of the Aaronic Blessing and how to release God’s power in your life.

Bestselling Author of School of The Presence
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Gordon Robertson

As Jesus was being lifted up to heaven, He raised his hands and blessed His disciples. (Luke 24:50)  In this book, Warren Marcus reveals the Hebrew meaning of the words Jesus used and how you can access the same blessing.  Today and every day, you can have the power of His name and be confident that you have the blessing of God.

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John Arnott

Years ago in the mid ‘60s, when I was a newly re-committed on fire Christian, I liked to listen to a dear Jewish radio evangelist named Dr. Arthur Michelson, who was faithfully preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He would always end his broadcast with Num. 6:24–26  “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” And then he would add  “in Jesus’ name, amen!” I always appreciated the special blessing as his program ended.

Warren Marcus tells of how in a recent archaeological dig in the old city of David, in Jerusalem, a small silver scroll was found with this very prayer inscribed in Paleo Hebrew. It was from the tomb of an ancient high priest of Israel. The prayer was powerful then, and it is powerful still today. The Scripture, Num. 6:27 goes on to say that when you put the LORD’s name on his people, He will bless them!

Warren, in his new book “The Ancient Priestly Prayer of The Blessing,”  tells tells how you can experience the power of this prayer over your life and family. May you be abundantly blessed as you read about it and receive your supernatural blessing that the your Heavenly Father intends for you to receive.

Catch the Fire Ministries, Toronto


Joseph Farah

Warren Marcus, as a 5 year old Jewish boy had an extraordinary dream about visiting heaven and seeing the God of Israel in the form of the Shekinah Glory. In his book, “The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing” Warren shares how this dream was the catalyst that began his fascinating journey to find and truly know God in a supernatural, experiential and intimate way! Ultimately, his book conveys how we can truly access our Heavenly Father in a tangible powerful way! This book unveils the deeper meaning of the prayer that the High Priest Aaron would pronounce over the Children of Israel everyday while they wandered in the wilderness. Warren was given a revelation of the fullness of the meaning of this prayer as expressed in the Hebrew. His findings will fascinate you and profoundly affect you as you sense the Heavenly Father’s love for you and as you access the Father’s Divine Embrace! Many books have been written on the “Father Heart” of God, but this book by Warren Marcus is not just knowing ABOUT our Heavenly Father and His character, but instead it’s about Warren’s discovery on how to actually access our Heavenly Father in a supernatural, experiential and intimate way. I highly recommend reading this powerful and engaging book.

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Jonathan Bernis

“The Priestly Blessing, found in the book of Numbers is the only prayer that places the very name of God upon us. Warren Marcus, a Jewish Believer in Jesus for more than 4 decades shares prophetic insight that will bless you, your family and all those you love.”

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis


Sid Israel Roth

Warren Marcus has the heartbeat of God. All of creation is shouting, “it’s time to have experiential knowledge of God the Father.” This is a how to book. It will prepare you for the next and greatest and perhaps last move of God’s Spirit.

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Dr. Elmer Towns

The Ancient Priestly Prayer is a fascinating reading experience.  The non-Jewish reader will be immersed into the world of Jewish cultures and traditions. The Jewish events are included in explanations of Jewish phrases, which will expand the understanding of the reader.  But also the Hebrew spelling of the NAMES of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will grab the attention of readers, because the unusual focus and attention on the object of the words, God Himself.  

Warren Marcus is my friend.  We have prayed together and served the Lord together at Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University. May the testimony of his conversion experience capture your heart. Perhaps you might share this book with Jewish friends that could lead to their conversion to Jesus as Messiah and Lord.

Co Founder and Vice President
Liberty University


Tony Kemp

At age 5 Warren Marcus was visited by God in a dream and   experienced a measure of the GLORY. God saw that if HE revealed HIMSELF, Warren would respond to the FATHER  and pursue HIS PERSON and HIS HEART!

This book is born of a GOD-given passion to know the FATHER and make HIM known through JESUS (YESHUA) the MESSIAH!!  The Heavenly FATHER has been looking for someone to make HIM known like HE has never been known before in this critical hour. We are in a time of transition and the major key to  both personal and church transformation Is coming to know the very ONE JESUS (YESHUA) came to manifest both the PERSON and the GLORY of the FATHER HIMSELF.

If you are one who is hungry for more of GOD, this book is for you! You have experienced the HOLY SPIRIT and the LORD JESUS but this revelation will take you into the experience of the FATHER HIMSELF and your FATHER hunger will be satisfied!! In the pages of this book you will find that the LIFE, the LIGHT, and the LOVE of the FATHER!

Tony Kemp Ministries


Pastor Steve Gray

If prayer has always been a mystery to you, this book will open the secrets you’ve been searching for. Warren Marcus has discovered what the ancient priests prayed to receive heavens blessings, power and presence. Now you, through the teaching of this book can experience the same divine glory by speaking the Ancient Priestly Prayer over your own life. Warren has written a timely book that is easy to understand and if rightly applied could change your life forever.

Senior Pastor
World Revival Church of Kansas City


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

I’ve known Warren Marcus for years now.  I’ve known him as a true man of God, full of insight, wisdom, zeal, and the Spirit of God.  He is not only full of passion and excitement for the Lord, but he is one of the most thoughtful believers and teachers I know.  Warren was so sensitive to God and in tune with the Spirit that he immediately picked up on and realized the import of The Harbinger right after I first shared it – the very first person in media to do so – years before I wrote it down as a book!   Thus I greatly respect his discernment and sensitivity to the Lord’s ways.

The Aaronic Blessing is one of the most majestic, beautiful, powerful, and life giving utterances ever given.  It is the prayer that God Himself wrote!  It has long held a special place in my life as my father first told me of our descent from the house of Aaron.  I’ve given the blessing throughout the world and seen amazing things happen. 

Thus I was very excited to hear that Warren was led to do The Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing, that would open up the mysteries, the power, and the blessings of the Aaronic Blessing.  I don’t know if there has been any work done on the Aaronic Blessing in this way before.  I know it will be enlightening, revelatory, and life giving.  I can’t wait to open it up and would encourage all seek God, who love His word, and who yearn to soak up His blessings to do the same. 


Dr. Ed Hindson

Warren Marcus has written a fascinating study on the Priestly Blessing that helps Christians understand the significance of the Father’s blessing. As a  Jewish Christian, Warren takes us back to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. He focuses on the fullness of the Godhead (ELOHIM) to help us understand the magnitude of God’s person and the significance of His blessings in our lives. Don’t miss this incredible book

Founding Dean/Distinguished Professor
Liberty University